Company steps

Study of the project

Our company consists of experienced engineers who will visit the project to study the correct position where the cameras should be placed for the best possible projection result. We will also take into account the work that will be done in the future at the construction site so that the placement of the cameras does not bring difficulties in any case within your projects area. We are also in contact with the construction managers for a possible change of the position of the cameras if necessary.

Licensing and insurance of the equipment

After the study of the project and before the installation of the cameras, our company undertakes the licensing and insurance of the cameras at the customer's construction site.

Installation of cameras

The technician of our company after the completion of the study of the project will proceed with the installation of the time-lapse cameras.Our company is ready to undertake the installation of the cameras anywhere and if necessary, having all the appropriate tools for supporting the cameras. The technician then programs the cameras to take the photos at regular intervals according to the research that will be done by our company and in consultation with the customer.

Remote monitoring of the cameras

We then undertake the creation of a digital interface on our site exclusively for the customer. In this way it will be possible to control all the cameras that we have placed at the construction site as well as the projection of the raw time-lapse from the moment of installation until the specific moment. This feature provides the client with full control over the progress of the project and the ability to send the link or integrate it into your personal site for advertising purposes. Of course it is your choice whether you want your project to be public or private within our Site.

Sending photographic material as well as video

Depending on the package you choose from our services, you have the ability to send photos as well as time-lapse videos during the project in high resolution.

Equipment maintenance and interfac

Our technicians perform regular maintenance of the cameras in the area where the cameras will be located for cleaning the lenses and the solar panel as well as checking to determine their correct operation.Also at regular intervals the files are backed up from the memory card of the camera as well as from the internet.A technician will always be at your disposal.

Uninstall the cameras

After the project is completed, our technicians will undertake the uninstallation of all the cameras from the project as well as all their support equipment.

Create a final Timelapse video throughout the project

After the completion of the project, our team, after collecting the high quality photos from the entire duration of the project, creates the final editing of the time-lapse video.At this point in consultation with the customer comes the appropriate music with all the necessary playback rights as well as the customer's logo or any other needs we are asked to create to insure satisfaction.