Services - Conlap Construction Timelapse I.K.E.

Technology - know-how

The cameras we have are suitable for short term projects etc day to day, but also for projects of months or even years. They have the ability to record from one photo every 30 seconds up to one photo per day depending on the needs and duration of the project. Outdoors the cameras are standalone with battery and solar charging systems. They are also permanently connected via internet and have an internal 4G card to have remote access 24/7 and monitoring . We have suitable software for blurring faces as well as in any part of the video, if needed.

Timelapse video

Capture and evaluate your project by taking pictures at regular intervals throughout the course to create time-lapse videos to analyse your work.

Project Monitoring

Ability to monitor and evaluate the flow of your project through our WebSite.
Create a personal link to share the current time-lapse of your project either with partners or for your own advertising purposes.

Standalone cameras

We undertake the processing of each project with the special equipment we provide. Our cameras are waterproof (IP66), we have solar panels and batteries ready to cope with any demanding project.


Ability to visualize the final form of your project in 3d and Ar. Present your complete construction, in real time, directly in the view of the natural space.

Whatis Time-laps Video


Record and assess a project through the capture of images at regular intervals.


Converting photographic material into short videos that capture the entire project in a minimum of time.


It lasts from a few days to years.


Creation of a file with the entire series of high-resolution photos, through which parts of the project can be examined and accounted for afterwards.


Wide range of recording frequency depending on the project (from 1 photo per second to 30 seconds or one photo per day).


In projects of large extent or complexity, more than one recording system can be used to capture the stages of the project.

GDPR& Time-Lapse

Conlap's time-lapse systems fully comply
with personal data protection legislation.

  • Ability to blur specific part of video or snapshot
  • Ability to blur faces.
  • GDPR Compliance