Our Company - Conlap Construction Timelapse I.K.E.


Construction timelapse P.C

Who we are

The company Conlap is active in the field of time-lapse production for any kind of project.
Our trained staff, with experience and the appropriate equipment are the pillars of our company.Collaborating with business people and people in the construction industry find us ready to undertake any project.

Conlap time-lapse systems fully comply with privacy laws with the possibility of blurring a specific part of the final video, if there is a reason, as well as the possibility of blurring faces.Conlap undertakes the initial study of the location for the correct placement of the cameras and their programming.We continue with the visit of regular intervals to inspect the cameras of the project and finally we undertake the final uninstallation of the cameras.

Why choose Conlap?

Full service capability.

Equipment according to the size of the project.

Installation by an in-house engineer.

24/7 ours Technical Support.

Reliability of continuous use.

Long duration of project monitoring.

On-line project progress monitoring.

TheSectors in which our company operates

In constructions where large technical and medium projects are carried out also in constructions where there is a need to systematically record the progress of the project from start to finish.

In shipping companies or Shipyards

In Marketing, event and exhibition organization 

In renewable energy and ecological resourse companies